Author Quick Chat with Lola Grace Stevens

Hi, readers! Today I’ve got author Lola Grace Stevens here for a quick little chat.  We all have cherished memories of our family, stories we love to tell — and re-tell.  Here’s what I asked Lola Grace:

Please share with us one of your favorite family stories. 

She quickly came up with a funny memory to share. 

Red TruckWhen I was a teenager my adoptive mother and I would take in exchange students. One girl lived with us for two years and on the night of her graduation we went out to our favorite restaurant for pizza. We started talking about cars, and I began describing the car I wanted. a Cherry Red Pick Up Truck with a 4 wheel drive. Our exchange student, Eva, asked me what was the difference between four wheel drive and two wheel drive. I grinned and said ‘That’s easy, a 4 wheel drive has 4 wheels!’ The three of us stared at each other for a minute and then burst out into laughter.

We laughed for nearly 30 minutes and were almost kicked out because we were bothering other patrons.

Nice truck! So, readers, what would YOUR dream car — or truck — be?

Lola Grace Stevens


Lola Grace has been reading books since three years old. Falling in love with reading she set out to write her own short stories and poems under her real name. She is now taking steps into writing romance novels. Lola Grace lives in Southern California. She is married and the mother of three children. She is also the Furmama of two cats. Lola Grace writes in the evening when her children are in bed and she has time to focus on bringing her incredible characters to life. Her first book ‘The Lullaby-Shaina’s Story‘ was Published on May 8, 2014.



Check out Lola Grace’s debut novel: The Lullaby – Shaina’s Story

Needing a family of her own, Shaina Moore decides to become a mail order bride. Leaving New York she travels to the town of Viking, Montana, with the intention of marrying James Randall Jr. James is shocked when a woman arrives claiming to be his bride. He never sent for Shaina, but due to his late stepmother’s meddling, he is now responsible for her. However, James’s current situation demands that he take a wife, and he reluctantly decides to marry her for the good of his family. But trouble is brewing in Viking, and Shaina seems to be at the center of it. Old secrets are in danger of coming out, and one man is willing to kill to keep those secrets hidden. Can James protect Shaina and stop this man from killing again?




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28 thoughts on “Author Quick Chat with Lola Grace Stevens

  1. Haha, I’m grinning from ear to ear! 😉
    I’m not a car person at all, probably because I get terribly motion sick and prefer to use the train or even walk. I do like the bigger vehicles like Jeeps, especially the ones belonging to the X Series by BMW, and the 4-wheel-drives by KIA.

  2. Hi Lola,
    What a cute, funny tale. I have tons of wonderful childhood memories. Growing up in the country, there wasn’t much we kids didn’t do. But a kind of funny tale for me is one Halloween, my aunt dropped by and asked to step outside with her. We had an outside outhouse and she was going to push it over, but she needed my help. So silly me, what did I do? I helped shoved over our own bathroom. Love the premise of your story. I’ve always love mail-order bride stories. Best of luck with the release.

    • LOL! Actually, I had a Mustang once. Don’t ask. After that experience, I bought my first Celica GTS, and I haven’t driven anything else since. Unfortunately, they stopped making Celicas years ago, so yeah, my car is old. But it’s still fast.

      • I want another Ford Expedition. Silly me, I traded it off and it had everything, backup alarm, DVD player, 6 capacity CD holder and lots of room. It was wonderful on a long trip.

  3. Interestingly enough I still don’t drive. I have a sizure diorder so for safety reasons I can’t. And my husband simply refuses to get a Cherry Red Minivan (My dream now since I have the kids).

    Tabitha! The outhouse story is simply hysterical! As a mom I would probably be annoyed too 😀

    • Oh, my aunt thought it was so funny. She wasn’t trying to get me in trouble, but had fun pulling one over on my mom. The thing is, Mama had been guarding the outhouse since dusk. She just knew the neighbor boys would shove it over. She didn’t guard it against her sister and daughter…lol.

    • I think I’d be a little more than “annoyed”… LOL. That outhouse story cracked me up! On a more serious note, Lola Grace, so sorry to hear of your seizure disorder. Do you have to take medication?

  4. Not anymore. I got off it when I had my first son, because I didn’t like how the meds limited how I could feed him. I am lucky to have gone 4 years without a seizure but even my neurologist is glad I don’t drive. Sometimes people cane go 10-15 years with no seizure and one will just come on out of no where. My biggest fear is I would have a seizure while driving and hurt someone else or their kids. I would rather not drive over that.

  5. Yes. Its important to him that I have regular checks at least once a year. My seizures are a result of an accident when I was a child. I was literally hit by an ambulance and the damage to my brain caused the Seizures.

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