Here We Go Again!

Old-Used-BooksReaders…be honest here. Sure, some author’s feelings might get hurt, and they might even be mine! But in the interest of providing YOU with the best reading entertainment, it’s important for authors to know what you like — and what you don’t like in romance novels.

Today, let’s chat about plots, or specifically, about those over-used storylines that keep coming up time after time, in contemporary era, historical romances, and futuristic novels…the same over-done plot devices that we’ve all read more than a few times.

First, let me say this. Any plot — even the most well-used, over-done one — can be exciting and fresh in the hands of a skilled author who knows how to tell a story.  Interesting characters can make an “old story” look new, and interesting little twists and turns can have us guessing all over again, even when the basic storyline is a familiar one.

Still, when we’re browsing for our next romantic read, I suspect many of us steer clear of certain well-worn ideas, simply because we have seen them so often in the past.

So, readers, what have you had enough of? Are you going to pull out your hair if you pick up one more “secret baby” book? Do you roll your eyes when you read a blurb about another character suffering amnesia?  Do you shake your head and sigh when yet another author comes up with a female disguised as a male…for whatever reason?

Let’s talk about it!


10 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!

  1. Even though I am an author myself, as a reader the one plot that makes me want to hurl the book across the room is the ‘five minute conversation and the conflict will end,’ and the ‘heroine knows the person (usually a woman) telling her something horrible about the hero has her own agenda. Yet the heroine believes it, and never confronts the hero with the info.’ Hello? Can’t you think of a better way to plot the book? TSTL is my estimation of these kinds of heroines.

    • Oh, yes, the TSTL heroine. For me, she ranks right up there with Miss Perfect and Totally Obnoxious Bitch. Communication should be the foundation for lasting love, so when little misunderstandings take the place of real conflict, it’s hard to imagine the couple living happily ever after for very long. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

      • Ok, what is a TSTL heroine??? I agree on the two types you have mentioned. What I can’t stand are heroines that have not a single ounce of strength and will in them and will meakly do what anybody tells them, especially the hero.

      • TSTL means “too stupid to live”…LOL. You know, the kind who knows there’s a serial killer on the loose but just has to go out for a walk late at night, or the one who’s been told not to answer the door but ignores the advice and invites the stranger inside. Yeah, that kind. LOL

  2. Marcia Tomasiello says:

    A friend of mine whose brother-in-law was the scriptwriter for Bonanza (yeah, I telling my age) Asked Frank one day, “How do you keep coming up with a new story line every week?” Frank replied, “We don’t. We just take an old, old tale and put a new twist on it.”

  3. Your so right the secret baby story has been told to death. I don ‘t say I can’t or won’t read these but this is a dead horse that has been beaten into dust. What draws me is how the story is told. It can be an old story line but I love it when the authors puts a new and unexpected twist to writing it. I also like the stories to be hot and sexy. Don’t use flowery prose during the sex scenes lets face it most people get down and dirty when having sex!!!!!(even if is one of the sweetest experiences they ever had).

    • You’re right… how a story is told makes a big difference. A skillful storyteller can make a trip to the store sound exciting LOL. A not-so-skillful storyteller, on the other hand… well, thanks, but no, thanks. Glad you dropped by to share your thoughts.

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