Author Quick Chat with Penny Brown Estelle

Hi, readers! Today I’ve got author Penny Brown Estelle here for a chat. I gave her a fill-in-the-blanks question:


Beginning with “I am…” fill in the blank and tells us five things about yourself.

Candle in the Dark

She replied with the following:

  1. I am retired
  2. I am a gambler
  3. I am living off the grid
  4. I am afraid of the dark
  5. I am NOT a disciplined person

OK, readers…what are YOU afraid of?

Penny - 002 I’m Penny Estelle.  I was a school secretary for 21 years, retiring in 2009.  We moved to our retirement home in Kingman, AZ.  We live on 54 acres in a very rural area.  Actually we live “off the grid”, on solar and wind only.  A real adjustment for a city girl.  I love it.  Nothing like walking out your front door and hear coyotes howling and seeing a sky bursting with stars.  It is breathtaking!

I write for all ages – from the very young, to the “Young at Heart” older folks! From time travel adventures to family drama and romances.  Find out more about my books and me at:


 Pennys Tales

Penny Estelle YA Author

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Check out Revenge, The Cowboy Way by Penny Brown Estelle

When Brian Thornton is taken by surprise at gunpoint, while in the bed of a beautiful, wealthy woman, he swears his revenge.  But when he learns his humiliation was at the hands of a young woman and a boy, his vengeance knows no bounds.

Joanna Simmons finds herself snatched out of her home and taken to Thornton’s ship.  Against her will, she travels to Texas, and then by wagon train to Bastrop, Brian’s home town.  Joanna finds acceptance and genuine friendship with the people of the town, down to Brian’s sister, but the emotional war that wages between Brian and Joanna, keeps any kind of happiness at bay.

Revenge, the Cowboy Way, is the story of hate, love and revenge.  The question is whose revenge is it?



Rooster and Pig Publishing


Barnes & Noble

Click HERE to watch the video trailer for Revenge, The Cowboy Way


9 thoughts on “Author Quick Chat with Penny Brown Estelle

  1. I am absolutely terrified of crossing railroad tracks…which is absurd. I grew up with my grandfather, you know. He was a railroad telegrapher, and I spent a good portion of my childhood at the depot playing on the baggage carts, going out to greet the trains, helping collect the mail (yes, there was mail delivered by train back in those days). I walked up and down the tracks…yet now, I go into a state of near panic when I’m out walking/running and have to cross railroad tracks on my route. If I even hear a train whistle, I’ll turn around and run back home rather than cross the tracks. Crazy, huh?

  2. Morning Christina. Thanks for having me. Since I live in the middle of “nowhere” it gets pretty dark out here. If I have to go out,my gun is always with me!!!!

    • I remember my grandfather always saying “There’s nothing out there at night that’s not there during the day.” Looking back and thinking about it now, you know, that doesn’t even make sense LOL. There could be lots of things out there at night that weren’t there during the day. But, as a child, it worked for me. I had no fear of the dark.

  3. Great question and answers! I`m afraid of bees. Or wasps. Basically anything that can sting me. No, I`m not allergic. I just have this fear of the darn things. Snakes, spiders, bats don`t bother me in the least. Let a honeybee buzz around my head and I lose my mind then launch into that well-known ‘Bee-In-Her-Bonnet’ dance. =)

  4. I’m afraid of heights. I’m the person who rides up to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, gets out of the elevator, and plasters her back to the wall. Trembling knees, spinning head, nausea. Just thinking about it gives me the trembles!

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