To-Be-Read Lists

All Booked UpI’ve been ALL BOOKED UP this weekend. How about YOU?

Every day I find new books to add to my ever-growing TBR list.

My list has been growing so quickly, I can no longer keep it in my head. So, I’ve created an actual spreadsheet where I list the title and author of the books I want to read. I’m also marking down the date I begin and the date I complete each book, plus making notes on the review/rating I’m giving the book.

I thought it might be fun to take about our TBR lists. Do you, like me, have an actual list? Is it on the computer? In a notebook?

Do you mentally add titles in your head? Do you tend to grab books on the spur-of-the-moment?

What’s on your TBR list right now?  Mine includes a few romance novels plus a story set during the time of the French and Indian war.


Let’s talk about it!


4 thoughts on “To-Be-Read Lists

  1. This is the perfect time to ask, as I generally do my ebook shopping the first day or two of a new month. In June I`m looking to pick up Breaking the Cycle by Lydia Michaels, Shine Your Love On Me by Jean Joachim, Face to Face by Ariana Gaynor, and Bad Medicine by Mia Fisher.

  2. Reading about your TBR list some time ago prompted me to create my own, on Excel. I keep it basic with the author name and title, highlighting all the read ones in green and the one I’m reading at the moment in yellow.
    These days, I read mostly books by my author friends, but I want to throw in some more Nora Roberts novels soon.

    • Yep, mine is in Excel. It really is convenient. While I’m browsing the web and chatting with authors, I find so many great books. It’s easy to quickly add them to my list. At least…it would be easy if Windows 8.1 weren’t so obnoxious! Oh, well.

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