Author Quick Chat with Jeanine McAdam

Hi, readers! Today I’ve got author Jeanine McAdam here for a quick and easy chat. I posed one question to her:

Of all the reviews you’ve received for your writing, what one single sentence has meant the most ?

Review BookShe came up two sentences…one to explain the other. It’s a matched set, you know.

What’s not to like about a Cowboy hero and a feisty heroine? Absolutely nothing when they are characters created by Jeanine McAdam, and this time there’s a baby!!”  Goodreads review.

Yes, readers, authors love reviews!

 Do you leave reviews for books you’ve read?

 Why… or, why not?

Jeanine McAdam

Jeanine McAdam is a writer of twenty-five romantic short stories, a few spicy anthologies and three cowboy books. Telling stories about imperfect people finding perfect love is her thing. Even though she lives in New York City she’s fascinated with the American west. She’s currently writing about bull riders and the spunky urban women who adore them in her ‘Skirts and Spurs’ Trilogy. But before the cowboys, Jeanine wrote about Zombies. Publishers Weekly called the short story Inhuman Resources in the anthology HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE, a “zippy stor[y] about the sexy turn-on of successful zombie hunting.” When she’s not writing she spends time with her teenage sons, ultra marathon running husband and two rescue labrador retrievers named Desdemona (Desi) and Aaron.

Visit her at Jeanine McAdam.


Check out The Bull Rider and the Baby by Jeanine McAdam.

Sexy bull rider Caleb Cooper keeps falling off his bull and hitting his head. Lucky for him, his misfortune throws him in the path of beautiful neuroscientist Carrie Wang. Carrie is instantly attracted to her broad-shouldered research subject and can’t stop touching Caleb in an unprofessional way. In addition to that problem Carrie is pregnant with another man’s baby.  Will motherhood drive them apart?  Or could Caleb replace the absent father and help raise her child?



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5 thoughts on “Author Quick Chat with Jeanine McAdam

  1. What a nice review! I often read reviews for books I’ve read, but only if they’re positive. If I like the story but the book is filled with grammatical errors, missing words, wrong words, etc., then I won’t leave a review at all. Gotta have credibility!

  2. I leave reviews on almost every book I read. And they are mostly 5 star reviews because I stop reading if it’s not a great book. I don’t have time to read lesser books. And I don’t believe in giving negative reviews, but I’m not going to give a fake review, so I decided to stop reading when it ceased to be a 5 star book.

    Now to the book. I really don’t think babies should be anywhere near a bull.

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