Author Quick Chat with Sandra Nachlinger

Hi, readers! Today I’ve got author Sandra Nachlinger here for a quick and easy chat. I posed a fun question to her:

When you should be writing and you’re not, what’s your usual excuse?

Here’s her reply:

ExcuseJust one excuse? But I have so many good ones! For example:

  • I can’t focus because my allergies are giving me fits.
  • I have to walk the dog.
  • The clothes dryer just buzzed.
  • I’ll write just as soon as I _______ (fill in the blank: finish this blog post, finish reading this book, finish folding the clothes that just came out of the dryer, etc.)

My usual excuse? I have too many stories battling for attention in my brain. It’s so overwhelming that it’s difficult to sit down and focus on just one. I hope they fight it out soon and decide which one is going to be written next.



Sandra NachlingerBorn and raised in Dallas, Texas, Sandra Nachlinger has been writing one thing or another since childhood. She still has diaries from her school days, one of which inspired I.O.U. SEX, her first book co-written with Sandra Allen.

When not writing, she’s quilting, sewing, gardening, taking photos, traveling, or lunching with friends, and like Granny in BLUEBONNETS FOR ELLY she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her granddaughter.



Check out Bluebonnets for Elly by Sandra Nachlinger.

Reeling from betrayal by her fiancé, Elly Macauley leaves the skyscrapers of Dallas for Shannon Ridge, Texas, volunteering to help her grandmother recover from a broken ankle. She hopes her time in the small town will be the perfect opportunity for both she and Granny to recover from their wounds.

Landscaper Derek White maintains the grounds of Sunset Acres and looks after the senior citizens as if they were his own grandparents. But the disappearance of his wife eight years earlier has put his life and aspirations on hold. After one kiss from Elly, he wonders if it’s time to take another chance on love. But how can he explain an ex-wife who ran away? And is he sure he’s a free man?

When Derek’s past threatens and Elly’s ex-fiancé reappears, she must decide—give her former love a second chance or gamble on a man whose history may ruin everything.



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16 thoughts on “Author Quick Chat with Sandra Nachlinger

  1. Haha, these are all very good ones! 😉 Some of my excuses are
    – need to pet the cat that demands attention
    – need to check on my FB friends
    – want to finish reading the chapter of whatever book i am currently lost in

  2. Robyn Echols says:

    I love your excuses. They sound like home. Another I have is that pesky “life” tends to get in the way.

  3. My excuse is that I put all my ideas into my “writing file”, but then I never seem to actually write! However, my “file” is getting pretty dog gone thick! After Sandy and I wrote I.O.U. Sex together, she kept on writing, and Bluebonnets for Elly was the result. Great going, my friend!

  4. My excuse is that I am very busy chatting with my characters. After all, they have to tell me what they want me to write, Right? I know it looks like I’m sleeping but that’s simply not the case…what? Drool? No way…………….

  5. Judy says:

    It’s nice to know that other writers have all the same excuses (or similar). I don’t feel so alone! Thanks for posting.

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