Reader Quick Chat with Rachelle Bishop

Hi, readers — and authors!  Today, I’ve invited romance reader Rachelle Bishop to drop by for a quick chat. I asked her a quick question:

What is your favorite holiday? 

ChristmasShe very quickly gave me her answer.

My favorite holiday is Christmas.

Now, your turn. What’s YOUR favorite holiday?





From Rachelle:

I’m 24 years old I have a 9 and a half month old daughter, Liberty. I’m a stay at home mom but have a been certified as a professional dog and cat groomer which I’ve done for the last 8 years


 Thank you, Rachelle, for visiting today! 



15 thoughts on “Reader Quick Chat with Rachelle Bishop

  1. Hi Rachelle, nice to meet you! What a darling daughter you have!

    Christmas is one of my favorite holidays as well. I recall how enchanting it was when my daughter was a toddler. There certainly is magic in the air for children during that time of the year!

    • You’re right, Vicki. Christmas is always special, but with a little one, it’s even more special. Maybe if we ask nicely, Racelle will share a few pictures of Liberty at Christmas this year. I’d love to see them.

  2. Wow, that is such a beautiful photo! Your smiling baby has made my day, Rachelle! 🙂 And your job sounds like material for a book, so cool!
    As for my favourite holiday… That’s a very tough one. As a Buddhist, I was never much into Christmas even while I was still living in Germany. I guess I’ll have to opt for Vesak here in Sri Lanka because it’s a festival filled with lights and colourful lanterns and free food. 😀

      • To me, learning about other cultures is always interesting, and holidays help us gain a good understanding of cultures different from our own. You’re always welcome to share any holidays coming up. I love seeing how many traditions are similar to ones we have and others are very different. Whatever holiday comes along, you know I’ll find a place for you on one of my blogs!

  3. Rachelle bishop says:

    I also had a 4 year Very long distance relationship. I lived in New York and he lived in England. We have now been married for 3 years! He’s so romantic moved all the way here for me=)

  4. Rachelle bishop says:

    Actually we meet playing halo 3 in a random game we were on the same team we added each other as friends and hit it off yes our grooms cake was an X box with controllers lol. We only meet each other in person for a total of 7 weeks before we got married but dated for 4 years once we got the right visas we had 60 to get him moved here and married=)

  5. Rachelle bishop says:

    Oh and one of our groomsmen we had never meet except for playing on X box with until two days before the wedding now we are great friends and we try to see each other a couple times a year

  6. Rachelle bishop says:

    Yes we are both still play X box not as much but still about 3 a week. I love Christmas because I love seeing people’s faces light up and the happiness plus I have a baby she was to little to get into the spirit last year but this year I’m excited lol

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