Kindle? Nook? A Real Book?

EbooksI once scoffed at the idea of an “electronic” book. Yeah, right! Give me something to hold in my hands, something to touch, to feel.  That was back in the days before Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers changed the world forever.

Now, although I still love books and have shelves filled with them, I’m also a Kindle addict. It’s so easy to take my favorite books along with me wherever I go — without having to lug around a heavy book bag.

Yes, given a choice, I much prefer reading books on my Kindle. I can quickly pull up a good story while I’m waiting at the dentist’s office. I can read a steamy love scene while standing in the check-out line at the grocer’s. I can do all sorts of things with my Kindle that hardbound books and paperbacks don’t allow.

I can add bookmarks, make comments, share my thoughts with the world. Oh, yes. I love my Kindle.

But what about YOU?  How do you prefer to do your reading?




4 thoughts on “Kindle? Nook? A Real Book?

  1. Both. I read on my Kobo, but I also make a point to visit my local Indie bookstore at least once a month. I think it is SO important to keep bookstores thriving in our communities.

  2. I was really skeptical first, but I must say that eBooks have convinced me. Living in Sri Lanka, it can be REALLY difficult to find good books and new releases in a bookstore, and ordering them might result in not receiving them via snail mail. So, almost all the books I buy now are eBooks. And let’s not forget that self-publishing them and sharing them is much easier than with paperbacks. As a bookworm, though, I will never give up on printed copies. I just love both. 😉

    • Ebooks do offer a lot of convenience. I’ll never give up real books, though. Mostly my history and reference books are “real” and my love stories are Kindle. It seems I’ve divided things up into fiction and non-fiction LOL.

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