Author Quick Chat with Robert Wacaster

Hi, readers! Today I’ve got Robert Wacaster here for a quick chat. I posed one question to him:

What’s one trait you don’t have and wish you did?

Enjoy his response!  I certainly did.

WomenI wish I knew women better.  I’m sure this sounds cliché, but there have been so many times in my life when I think certain girls have liked me, but I blew them off.  And then of course there are the girls that I’ve liked who didn’t like me.  A social life can be so confusing and difficult sometimes.  It’s so hard for me to understand women.  I see a girl walk into a room wearing only one shoe and think I’m being nice asking “What happened to your other shoe?”. The next thing I know she’s running out of the room in tears!  What’s wrong with asking about a shoe?  As a side note, this exact scenario has really never happened to me, but there are plenty of scenarios like this.  A male answer to the same question would be something like, “It got stuck in the mud outside.”

And so how do I write female characters?  In the movie As Good as it Gets Jack Nicholson plays a writer.  In one scene a woman asks him how he writes female characters so well and he replies, “I think of a man, and then take away reason and accountability.”.  I’m not sure that’s quite the way I write, but it was still funny.  I think I write my female characters the way I want them to be.  Sometimes they aren’t as difficult to figure out as I think they are.

Now, your turn. What one trait do YOU wish YOU had?

Robert WasaterRobert Wacaster grew up in a small town in Idaho and jointed the United States Air Force to find adventure.  He always loved to write and has written a number of books including a romance series for Sweet Cravings Publishing.  Robert loves to write and is always finding new stories to work on, whether they are published or not.



Check out A Writer’s Love Story, the first in Robert’s romance series.

How to describe my series in only a quick blurb?  Boy meets girl.  Boy and girl complicate relationship, get quickly engaged, and then married.  More details in the books.  *chuckle*  Be sure to check out all three books in the series, but to get started, here’s the first one:

A Writer's Love Story


Sweet Cravings Publishing


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6 thoughts on “Author Quick Chat with Robert Wacaster

  1. That was fabulous to read. I’m still chuckling… 😉
    Hm, once again, the question has made me think. I’m settling for: I want to be more (physically) active. I’m so lazy when it comes to sports or exercise or doing something around the house or garden…

  2. What a great response! Robert, Robert, Robert…..You should probably just give it up. We females are a complex breed! LOL You book looks fabulous. Wishing you all kinds of luck!

  3. I’ve always wished I were more artistic. I write, I’m musically inclined, and I dance…but drawing and painting? I’m fairly good at photography, and I understand composition and structure. I’ve got a good sense of color, too. But can I draw? Nope. Can I paint. Nope. The best I can do is to scribble a little and call it “abstract art”. Very abstract LOL!

  4. I must say, when you spoke the words of As Good as it Gets, i was saying ‘Don’t go there! Danger Will Roger, Danger!” But you still went there. lol. I see how you get into so much trouble. I’m going to have to check out your books.

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