Author Quick Chat with Shanna Hatfield

Hi, readers! Today I’ve got Shanna Hatfield here for a quick little chat. I posed this question to Shanna:

What part of a story — beginning, middle, or ending — do you most enjoy writing?

Here’s what she told me:

"The Beginning" Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds. The part of a story I enjoy writing most is the beginning. All the ideas are fresh and exciting. The story could go anywhere from there! Although I have a direction in mind, sometimes the characters take over from the very beginning and lead me through how they want the story told. I like to come up with an engaging first paragraph that immediately draws the reader into the story.

So, here’s YOUR question for the day.  What “hooks” you and draws you into a story?


Shanna HatfieldShanna Hatfield is a hopeless romantic with a bit of sarcasm thrown in for good measure. In addition to blogging, eating too much chocolate, and being smitten with her husband (Captain Cavedweller), she writes clean romantic fiction with a healthy dose of humor. Shanna is a member of Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West, and Romance Writers of America.

Check out Aundy by Shanna Hatfield


Desperate for a better life, Aundy Thorsen leaves Chicago to fulfill a farmer’s request for a mail-order bride in Pendleton, Oregon.  Garrett Nash is a busy rancher and respected member of the community. When his neighbor passes away, leaving behind a plucky widow, Garrett appoints himself her protector and guardian.





12 thoughts on “Author Quick Chat with Shanna Hatfield

    • I’m always so sad when I get to the end, Devika. I get too attached to my characters and hate to say goodbye! But it is fulfilling when you write those last, final words!

  1. I have to agree with Shauna and Devika. I sure to love starting a story, but I also enjoy wrapping one up. I like the middle as well. Heck, I just love the whole process! =D

  2. Am I the only author who loves writing the middle of a story? I can’t write the beginning until I know where it’s going, and once I know where I’ve been, I can write the ending… so for me, the middle is this vast playground of possibilities where I can do anything I want.

  3. I love the middle best. I quite often start writing a key scene that prompted the novel. I have been known to take a break from writing the middle to write the prologue….or epilogue…..As they come to me, quite often as I am first waking up. For some novels the ending is the toughest. I don’t know when to quit. 🙂

    • Your writing process sounds a lot like mine. I like writing the middle, then I try to nail the ending (which can change, but it gives me something to aim for) and finally, I can work through the beginning to make sure everything’s in place. I jump around from here to there, never writing in chronological order. The real fun comes when it’s time to make sure it all fits together. 🙂

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