Author Quick Chat with Erzabet Bishop

Hi, readers! Today I’ve got Erzabet Bishop here for a quick chat. Here is the question I asked:

What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever traveled to?


DeskWow. That’s an easy one. My desk.


I go everywhere for my research and my stories. That chair gets more mileage than my car ever thought of. Lol. Let’s see. Right now I’m taking a tropical vacation with my new story Temptation Resorts —  a choose your own romantic adventure with Silk Words due out later this summer. I am also traveling the internet to research historical attire for a haunted paranormal tale due out this Halloween. Let me see…where have I gone this year in my work? Let me count the places…

Club Rook*Club Rook-erotic women’s club. (witch and domme research)

*Sigil Fire-city streets filled with sexy vampires and succubi. Research on succubi and the naughty things they can and can’t do. Oh! And tattoo parlors.

*Beach vacation sites and activities for Temptation Resorts. I have decided I want to go there. Any place that has the vacation activity choices I have planned would make me never want to come home. Naughty+sand+surf=fun. No one does room service like these people. No one.

Fetish Club*Fetish club fun with Fetish Fair. (Now that one was waaaaay hot.) Floggers, spanking benches and corsets oh my! (I want to go play with the floggers just to hear them swish…)

*Red Riding Hood scenery-Dodging werewolves in Red Moon Rising coming out later this year (a preview on Sci Spanks 2014 June 25-29)

*Sexy housekeepers and her much needed spanking for my tale in the Bossy anthology. (Had to do some research on housework cause I don’t do nearly enough of it. And really…that is a tragic thing. Okay…not.)

*Myth and mystery for my stories involving the Persephone and Hades myths for Potnia and the Elemental Passions line coming out soon. Note to self. Don’t eat the pomegranates. The Underworld gets drafty at night.

Lots of places to go and not enough time to get there! The internet is a writer’s best friend. No doubt about it. Next, I am going to research time bending so I can sleep and write at the same time. Now where did I put my chocolate stash?


Now it’s YOUR turn! What’s the most exciting place — real or fictional — YOU have visited?


ErzabetfloweryErzabet Bishop has been crafting stories since she could pound keys on her parents’ old typewriter. She has only just learned that it is a whole lot more fun writing naughty books. She is a contributing author to the Silk Words website with her Fetish Fair choose your own romantic adventure stories, Elemental Passions (upcoming), Potnia, A Christmas To Remember, Taboo II, Forbidden Fruit,  Club Rook: The Series, Sweat, Bossy, When the Clock Strikes Thirteen, Unbound Box, Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs, Holidays in Hell, Corset Magazine: Sex Around the World Issue and Man vs. Machine: The Sex Toy Issue, Smut by the Sea Volume 2, Hell Whore Volume 2, Can’t Get Enough (upcoming, Cleis), Slave Girls, The Big Book of Submission (upcoming Cleis), Hungry for More (upcoming Cleis), Gratis II, Anything She Wants, Dirty Little Numbers, Kink-E magazine, Eternal Haunted Summer,  Coming Together: Girl on Girl, Shifters and Coming Together: Hungry for Love among others. She is the author of Lipstick (upcoming), Dinner Date, Tethered, Red Moon Rising, Sigil Fire,The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation.  She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies. When she isn’t writing, she loves to review music and books.

Connect with her at Erzabet Bishop.


Check out her latest, Sigil Fire.

Where there’s smoke there’s Hellfire.

Sonia is a succubus with one goal: stay off Hell’s radar. But when succubi start to die, including her sometimes lover, Jeannie, she’s drawn into battle between good and evil.

Fae is a blood witch turned vampire, running a tattoo parlor and trading her craft for blood. She notices that something isn’t right on the streets of her city. The denizens of Hell are restless. The killer has a target in his sights, and Sonia might not live to see the dawn.


Sigil Fire


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2 thoughts on “Author Quick Chat with Erzabet Bishop

  1. Love the answer! I’ve been thinking and thinking what I’d answer, and it’s more difficult than I had thought. *lol*
    I’m settling for a trip I took to Germany’s capital Berlin once, because it was my first loooooong train journey, my first trip without my parents and 4-days stay at a good friend’s place and my first glimpse of a truly cosmopolitan metropolis. While I love Munich, Berlin has definitely impressed me.

  2. I love Erzabet’s answer, and I do agree that our desks — and imaginations — can be exciting places. As for real travels, for me it would be New York City, hands down. There’s an energy there that I don’t think exists in any other place in the world. You can see anything and be anything in NYC. It’s exciting.

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